Hire a Bartender With Spin and Shake

Hire a bartender with Spin and Shaker for that ultimate cocktail party or gathering. This is one of the most popular cocktails in the world and we guarantee you when you have a group of friends, family or colleagues looking for an unforgettable and fun filled night, that this is it. You don’t have to limit the experience to one drink because Cocktail bar hire/Spin and Shake are available in a variety of flavors and variations like Da Vinci or Manhattan, it can be the base for any drink or a base for a variation of your own. You can also choose the garnish for your drinks or have your bartender make up custom garnishes like spiced wine, honey or even go for an exotic garnish like a garnish of fruit.

Make it Easy With a Bartender With Spin and Shaker

You can enjoy an incredible night out with your friends, co-workers or a special event at your home or office. Make sure your event is a private get together or a party of a few select people, this is when you can impress that special someone without worrying about drinking too much or having anyone around to take away the limelight, Spin and Shaker is the bartender to do the trick and deliver one of the best cocktails you’ll ever enjoy. You will enjoy the sensational atmosphere, the impeccable service and the high quality mixed drinks while spinning drinks in style. Your guests will enjoy the fun atmosphere created by the friendly bartenders and waiters and you can create your own fun and the atmosphere will leave them wanting more. For that special event or party, contact our professional bar hire professionals for the ultimate drink or cocktail experience.

Whether it’s a corporate get together or a group of friends celebrating an anniversary, Spin and Shaker will turn any event into a memorable and entertaining occasion. Our bartenders are professionals, trained and experienced, so you can trust them to serve you and your group of friends in style. The award winning cocktail menu is full of exotic cocktails that are designed to leave patrons wanting more. The bartenders know their drinks and can create the perfect mix to please any taste bud. With a carefully selected selection of spirits including aged tequila, triple sec, amaretto, triple sec, triple amaretto, rum, scotch, vodka, brandy, gin, triple sec, liqueur, and much more; Spin and Shaker is the perfect choice for any occasion.