Melo Melo Pearl For Sale

Melo Melo pearl for sale

The most sought-after pearl in the world, the  Melo Melo pearl for sale pearl is extremely rare and valued at more than $332,762. This magnificent gemstone was discovered in Thailand by a struggling fisherman, Hatchai Niyomdecha. Niyomdecha found three shells on a buoy ball. He gave the shells to his father Angmad, who cleaned them and then found an orange pearl inside.

Can You Really Find Melo Melo Pearl For Sale on The Web

The melo mollusc, a type of marine gastropod, is found in the South China Sea, Thailand, and Cambodia. These pearls are formed when an irritant enters the shell of the mollusk and forms an iridescent pearl. Once uncovered, the price of a melo mollusk can skyrocket. The value of a melo mollusk can double or triple when it is discovered.

Until Zucker’s visit to Vietnam in 1997, melo mollusks were considered sacred objects in Vietnam. Their historical provenance is often highlighted in the terms ‘undrilled’ and ‘highly important’. CIBJO produces The Pearl Book, a resource for the gem and jewelry industry. The author, Amy Hourigan, writes an interesting article on the history and culture of melo mollusks.

When it comes to choosing a melo mollusk, size is important. A melo mollusk is spherical and round. There are no irregular shapes in melo mollusks, and the gem is harder than traditional pearls. It ranks 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, whereas an oyster pearl ranks 2.5 to four. A melo mollusk is valued based on its size, shape, and overall beauty.