Moses Basket and Stand

What are a Moses basket and how do you use one? A Moses basket, also known as a bassinet, is usually a crib-like bed for an infant that is designed with safety in mind. They are made of wicker, sometimes covered with cloth, and can have a firm, closed mattress set inside for baby to rest on. They can either have sides attached to the top, or they may have no sides at all. They can either have a ladder leading up to the top, or they can have no ladder at all. Moses baskets are typically used for infants who sleep alone in their cribs.

Easy Moses Stands That Keep You Crib Free

What are Moses baskets used for? Moses baskets are extremely popular nursery items because they can be purchased in different sizes, ranging from newborns up to approximately 30 months old. There are also ones designed for older children, as well as those that can be used by older children. Some are very small and can be used to support a baby in the corner of a room, but others are much larger and can be used to sit on the floor of a playpen. There are even some that are specially manufactured for use with strollers!

The Moses baskets themselves come in a variety of colors, often featuring bright flowers and animal designs. The wicker baskets have many of the same designs, but they are made out of lighter materials. The crib sets that accompany the baskets are also a great way to save space since you can eliminate the need for a stand. You simply put the entire crib set on the ground instead of placing the stand in your cot.