Relationship Therapist: What Does It Mean to You?

relationship therapist

A relationship therapist is a professional that helps couples and people work through their problems. Relationship therapy aims to enhance interpersonal relationships, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and promote healthy communication within a relationship. The relationship therapist may refer a client to a psychotherapist for additional help or can simply be a supportive partner who can provide emotional comfort and understanding during times of crisis. A relationship therapist has the educational background necessary to know how to effectively help clients overcome many of their relationship issues. However, many relationship therapists do not have the same background and experience required to really help their clients.

A relationship therapist…

Most of a relationship therapist’s focus in relationship counseling usually revolves around two key issues, one that a couple faces and one that their partner faces with them. The focus of this one on the one thing a couple faces with them, which is usually called the conflict. Often times, a conflict is something that starts out as a cute little annoyance and then one day it becomes so intense that the couple does not talk to each other anymore. The relationship therapist will have the conversation with the couple and help them identify what the problem is that is causing the conflict. Once they have identified the problem, the relationship therapist will help the couple to figure out a way to fix the problem and move forward. Usually, this involves some form of conflict resolution technique and learning how to communicate well with each other.

The relationship therapist will also give couples homework each week that focuses on one specific issue. For example, this week the couple will both need to think about what they say to each other in the morning when they wake up. In addition to helping the couple address their problem together, the relationship therapist will have the couple working on ways to resolve their conflicts so that the relationship is not harmed in the process. This type of intervention is a good way to ensure that a couple truly CAN get along, and is not destined to go their separate ways. Couples who are willing to work things out will usually find that the problems they have in their relationships are easily solved by a good relationship therapist.