The Cell Phone Timeline

The cell phone timeline starts in 1876, when the first phone call was made. It was about 80 pounds and was aimed at businesses and the rich elite. However, in the 1970s, companies began using cell phones in cars, and AT&T’s Bell Labs focused on developing the technology for car phones. Martin Cooper of Motorola developed the first cell phone and demonstrated it to the world. Since then, cell phones have been a major part of our lives.

What is a Cell Phone?

In 1973, Motorola Engineer Martin Cooper invented the cell phone technology, which was a revolution in communication. Over the next 35 years, cell phone development exploded and today’s cell phones range from suitcase-sized devices to technology that connects people to people around the world. The timeline shows how cellular phones have developed and impacted the world.

In the United States, Motorola launched the first public cell phones, but these phones didn’t come with a microphone or speaker. You had to wear a headset to make a phone call. The next big development was the introduction of the Sanyo phone, which could take pictures and download them to a computer for printing. The Nokia 3310 became one of the most popular phones of all time, selling over 126 million units worldwide. Several years later, the first full-colour cell phone was introduced to the market with the Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse and the Ericcson T68i.

Other breakthroughs in cell phone development include camera phones. The first camera phone, the Sanyo SCP-5300, was released in 2002. It was sold for $400 and had a 640 x 480-pixel camera. This phone was popular at the time, but the quality of the pictures was lacking. As time progressed, camera phones became a popular feature in smartphones.