Types Of Printed Materials

Printed materials are used in many different places. Some of these include books, magazines, leaflets, pamphlets, letterheads, posters, brochures and many other printed items. There is an unlimited range of printed materials available on the market and it is not possible to mention all the uses of every material. Most people think that paper is the most common material to be used for printing purposes. Although this is the case, many people are unaware of the fact that there are several other types of printers on the market. Printed materials can also be distributed through different means, which includes mailing, direct mail and advertising campaigns. These types of printed materials differ from one another and it will be useful for the buyer to have an understanding of each.

3D Printing Material Options

The various types of prints are available today, which are mainly divided into two categories – digital and non-digital. The difference between these two categories is the way in which the material is made. Digital prints use the help of computers in the production of printed products. Non-digital prints are those which use ink.

Many printers that are used in commercial applications can be operated in ink mode or they can be operated in non-ink mode depending on the type of printing machine. Ink jet printers are considered to be non-ink based printers because they operate on high-pressure air.